She Switched?!?!?!

I was officiating a wedding and when I introduced the couple as married I heard a little girl ask her Mom, “Mommy, why did that lady switch?” Her Mom asked her what she meant. The girl said, “She came down with one man but left with another one.” Adorable.

A child’s take on life can be so literal at times. They have questions that require answers! Questions that can get a parent in hot water. Like asking a large person why they’re so fat. There’s no way to escape that one other than to get out of there quickly.

In fact, anything that a child sees that is unfamiliar to them will produce questions that can cause some very awkward moments for parents. Questions such as asking a pregnant woman why her stomach is so big and after being told by the woman that there is a baby in there, the classic “How did it get there?”

I think that sometimes these kids do these things on purpose with the sole intent of embarrassing their parents. They have mischievous minds. When my niece was in first or second grade, my sister was called in to talk to the teacher. Turns out that my niece had been telling the teacher that my sister was a drunk and didn’t take care of her. So untrue and very embarrassing. I’m telling you, they know more than we think.

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3 thoughts on “She Switched?!?!?!

  1. You can never tell what schemes are in their little heads.
    Our oldest granddaughter always has had a capacity for devouring food, while remaining elfin of figure.
    At the age of six on a visit and at dinner, with her plate clean she eyed mine and said in a loud admonishing voice ‘Grandpa! You’ve not eaten all your mash potatoes!’ (I was getting around to them, I’d been chatting to my daughter). So I countered back, with as I thought gentle humour ‘Why? Do you want them Kath?’-
    She nodded her head emphatically.
    Beaten fair & square I passed my plate to her.

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