Ugh! Again Already???

Never give Valentine’s cards unless you’re REALLY in love with the person. Every card is like “You’re my soul mate, I couldn’t live without you, I can’t imagine life without you, etc.” There should be cards that say, “Even though you’re not the one, things are OK.”

When I was dating, I used to break up with the girl about mid-January. You can’t break up with a girl right before Valentine’s day, that’s just mean. Who knows? Maybe she’ll find a date for that day and the pressure is off. If you want to, you can make a play for her afterword and maybe she’ll say yes, but probably not. I know that seems cold and callus, but you can’t get away without dinner, roses and one of those stupid cards. It sends the wrong message.

She’ll think you’re madly in love with her. If you are, great. If not, disaster. The same goes for single women. Although, with the ladies, a card is optional, so you can get away with the conundrum pretty easily.

So, how about married folks? Disaster all the way around. You have to go out or cook a romantic dinner at home, flowers are essential and if she works outside the home, the flowers must be sent to her place of employment, so the other girls get jealous. Candy is also a mandate. All of this work and there is still no guarantee of any, well, you know.

The only thing that works on this day is if both people love each other. Then everything will be great. Even idiot husbands like me will be forgiven for our failure to meet the expectations if we really tried.

There are husbands out there who do nothing for their wives on Valentine’s day. Nothing. That’s just wrong. All you’re accomplishing is screaming to the world, “I don’t deserve the love of this wonderful woman!” Whatever is your case, I hope you have a wonderful day with or without someone. You can be kind and either treat yourself or get together with friends. You are loved.

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One thought on “Ugh! Again Already???

  1. We agreed years ago not to bother.
    This year since it is also Ash Wednesday, 1st day of Lent it would have been weird for us pair of Catholics- me giving up chocolate an’ all
    (Even though the cathedral was full it was still cold and draughty- so that was fine, fitted the occasion)

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