What??? She’s Not Into Me???

On a snorkeling cruise last week, I was the last one back on the boat. Then I noticed a beautiful woman with me, following my every move. I was flattered until I discovered that she was the lifeguard and needed to be the last one on the boat.

I’ve been conspicuously absent for some time. We were vacationing in Kauai, Hawaii. I decided not to blog until we returned. It has been an extremely stressful year and this was simply an r&r trip. It worked. I didn’t have one seizure while there and Heather was happier than I’ve seen her in several years.

I highly recommend Kauai when you visit the islands. It’s not a crazy tourist destination. There is just enough to do or not to do. We pretty much stayed at the sprawling resort most of the time diffusing our crazy life.

One of the nuances to this particular island is that there are chickens EVERYWHERE. I know! And I mean everywhere. Sidewalks, open air restaurants and bars, along the roadways and all over the grounds of the resort.

There were so many chickens, I asked one why he crossed the road. He just stared at me. We may never know. There were so many chickens, you can get a large bucket of chicken at KFC for a buck fifty. There so many chickens that I swear I saw that woman from the Popeye’s commercials running wild with a machete.

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