You’re A Liar!!!

My friend and I found $20 at school and decided that the one who told the biggest lie would keep it. A teacher stopped and asked what we were doing, so we told her. She said, “You know it’s not good to lie. When I was your age I didn’t even know what a lie was!” We gave her the money.

We all tell lies now and again. Maybe not big ones, but lies that seem to be innocent. Like calling in sick to work or making up a story to get out of going to an event you really don’t want to attend. Those are pretty harmless, but there are some people who seem to lie perpetually. It’s like they can’t stop.

Some are so good at it you can’t even trip them up by asking follow up questions where they have to keep lying in order to keep the ‘integrity’ of the first one. Some do it so often that it seems like they actually now believe the first lie so it makes things easier to perpetuate the lie.

Many years ago I managed a clothing store. I had just hired a guy named Bob who turned out to be a big liar. To get even with him and try to make him stop, we all came up with a plan. They told him that I always lie about how well my Mom could dance and to check it out by asking me. They said that the lie gets bigger each time I told it.

I was sitting at my desk when Bob came back and asked, “So Jerry, how well does your Mom dance?” I said, “That’s not funny.” He said, “Well everyone told me to ask about it.” I said, “I told you that it’s not funny. Leave it alone!” He started to say something else and I yelled, “My mother doesn’t have legs!”

The guy ran out of the store and we never saw him again. Mean? Yeah, but funny too.

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3 thoughts on “You’re A Liar!!!

  1. Hey that guy on the Twenty looks like he’s about to tell one. My guess would be, ‘Yes, this really is worth 20 bucks!”

    This was a great one, Jerry, thanks. “My mother doesn’t have legs!” … Ouch!

    Liked by 1 person

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