A Tribute: Scott Kay Roundy, My Father In Law

I first met ‘Dad’ about 21 years ago when I began dating his daughter, my beautiful wife Heather. He was working out of town for quite some time so by the time this meeting occurred, Heather and I had planned to marry.

We met at a restaurant and had a great conversation. Internally, I’m not sure what he was thinking. I am 18 years older than Heather and I was not exactly rock solid with benefits. I was a radio host and a comedian. Not an ideal candidate for a son in law. He never said anything negative about it.

Scott Roundy was a very interesting man. A caricature in some ways and always very curious about nearly everything and everyone he met. No one was a stranger to him. He would be out for a walk, in the grocery store, really anywhere, meet someone and talk for hours, or so it seemed.

He had a great and corny sense of humor that I really enjoyed. Dad was a veteran, having served in the Army and loved the United States of America as much as anyone I’ve ever known. Whenever he talked about the flag, for example, he always got choked up.

Scott was also an avid collector and photographer. He always took his time framing each picture to perfection. It was somewhat annoying if you were the subject of the photo. Kind of like posing for a painting, it seemed. Heather picked that love of the photograph up and is a really skilled shutter bug herself.

Scott had so many very interesting stories to tell about a wide variety of topics. I was fortunate enough to have been able to sit with him many times and listen to them. He saw many extraordinary things, places and people. Very interesting man indeed and I miss him already.Scott dearly loved his wife Judy and she loved him too. He also loved his children and grandchildren with all of his heart. His children, Jeff, Troy, Heather, Stef and Aaron loved their Dad dearly. As the family gathered around his bed yesterday, there were tears in every eye and many stories to tell, some regarding his devotion to his family and his faith and some really funny stories about him.Scott Roundy, you are so loved, so missed, and will never be forgotten.

Please consider a donation to help his family with expenses. Thank you!

Please click here to donate toward final expenses. They really need it. Thank you!

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