We Can’t Afford It!!!!

Heather and I approved a bill that will keep our house running for three more months. That was close! I had to agree to relinquish the remote control and stop telling dumb jokes (AKA my act) while she will do nothing different.

I’m the first to admit that Heather runs the marriage, although she doesn’t run the household. Our toy schnauzers do. Especially the smallest one, Maggie. When we get home, she barks like crazy until the four of us sit down on the couch for a proper greeting.

If she wants our little space heater/fake fireplace on she just stands by it and barks until we turn it on. When it’s time for us to cook dinner she goes into the kitchen and barks until we start cooking. At bedtime, while Heather and I are taking our meds (we’re old) Maggie gets one of her stuffed animal ‘babies’ and paces in and out of the bedroom until we get in the room.

I’m sure that you have similar stories about your pet(s) as well. We love these critters so much that we’ll do most anything for them. Last week, Sammy told me to knock off the convenience store on the corner. I know! I think she was simply testing my loyalty to her. It was a slow night so I only got $68.26. She wasn’t happy but appreciated the effort.

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