Seriously??? You Call This A Raise???

After my year end review one time, my boss told me what my pay raise was. He told me to keep it confidential. I said, “No problem with that. I’m just as ashamed of it as you are.”

Like most entertainers, I had day jobs in the beginning of my career and again toward the end when I didn’t want to travel anymore. I was fortunate to work for a really close friend, John Johnston, for six years. In fact I had hired him 20 years prior. I know!

Luckily, he has a great sense of humor. While at a meeting in Denver, Colorado one night we all went out to dinner. I knew this place would make an absolute fool out of people on their birthday, so I told our server it was John’s birthday. It wasn’t, of course.

She brought him a broomstick horse, hat and vest and he had to hop around the restaurant slapping the ‘horse’ and yelling cowboy lingo. Six months later he gave me a horrible review with no raise at all. I was devastated. Then he tore it up and gave me the real one. He said, “I’m sorry, I thought it was your birthday.”

Well played, John. Well played.

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