Stephen King, Literary Terrorist!!!

We watched ‘The Mist’ where a giant cloud of fog engulfed a small town and everyone out in the mist was savagely killed. This morning I looked outside and there’s a huge mist out there. I’m canceling anything that would take me outdoors until this is over. I despise you Stephen King!

I’ve never been a fan of horror movies or TV shows. I know some people really like them but I really don’t even like ‘Criminal Minds’ very much because of the torture and brutality inflicted on the victims. I can’t stand to even hear people suffering, even if it’s not real.

I didn’t even like ‘Jaws’. In fact I walked out of it. I just couldn’t watch people being horribly attacked by a great white shark. I’m also sort of a hypocrite in a sense because I love mob movies. I don’t like too much gore, just a shot to the head. I can handle that. Weird, right? I know!

Give me ‘Dateline’, ’48 Hours’ or ’20/20′ any day. I love to watch these murderers get caught. Some of the psychopaths are thankfully really stupid. Sending text messages back and forth with the killer and the person who was the mastermind. It’s usually a married couple with hidden secrets of infidelity. They want to get rid of the spouse so they can be free AND get the insurance money too. Thank goodness they always slip somehow.

Pretty stupid all right. Now they’ll spend the rest of their lives in prison while having achieved nothing but the lives they’ve ruined. No money. No new spouse. Estranged children. No fresh start. Just bad baloney sandwiches and slop for breakfast and dinner and, oh yeah, new clothes to wear and getting beat up every now and again. Great plan, lunkhead.

I think I’d rather be trapped in the mist.

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