I Quit! No I Don’t. Yes I Do!!

“I carry a remote control in my car. When I’m stopped at a red light, I wait until the other light turns yellow, right before my light turns green, I hold the remote out the window point it at the light and click it. People freak out.” ~Me

It’s been a few years since since since since retired from stand up comedy. I really thought I would miss it and I don’t. I know! Even when I go to the local club where I all I would need to do is ask to do a set and I’d be on stage in front of a hot crowd. I don’t even want to. I like watching my wife and friends tear it up on stage. I get great satisfaction from that.

Comedians really didn’t think I would really retire. I don’t blame them. During a couple of years prior to my exit from the stage, I retired more often than Brett Favre. I would last about a month or so before coming back. The illness I have dictated it the last time. I couldn’t remember bits, which ones I had already done and my hands shook way too much. It was time.

My promotional head shot in 1989

So this blog has become my stage and I love it. I’ve been fortunate enough to write about 1,300 blogs and I find it to be really fun and most all of them are intended to be funny. I’ve also been able to publish a few books on Amazon and Barnes and Noble online and I have a DVD on Amazon too.

And my new audience? You’re the best ever.

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