Skunked Again!!!

My wife bought me a beautiful Miami Dolphins coat for Christmas. It’s even reversible. Too bad the season isn’t. When I wear the coat I also wear a paper bag over my head.

At least sports seems to become less important as I grow older. It used to crush me if one of my favorites tanked. Oh well, it’s only sports and not something that really matters in life. Don’t get me wrong, if any of my favorite teams are playing in the MLB or NFL playoffs, I’m all over it! But if they lose, I don’t need therapy anymore.

I hope we all focus on the things that are really important in life, like pizza. My priorities are God, family and pizza. Seriously, is there anything better than a great pizza? Mmmm… especially one that I’ve written about recently with chipotle ranch and smothered with bacon. It’s crazy good. If I was single I would have some every night and have to be buried in a storage pod.

Wait! I forgot about corned beef and pastrami! And burgers! You can probably notice that I am on a self imposed paleo program. Tonight we will have some form of paleo pizza. That’s what we do on Friday nights if Heather isn’t performing. Pizza and a movie at home. We love it!

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