Shut Up!!!

My young daughter came from school with a note that read “Sarah is an exceptional student but she talks too much. I’m going to start a new technique tomorrow.” I wrote back, “Please let me know if it works. I want to try it on her mother.”

Guys, I think most of us have selective hearing when it comes to listening to our wives? Why do we do it? I think it probably depends on the couple and what the wife talks about. They want to be heard, even if all she talks about is gossip about work or the neighborhood.

Most of us men hate gossip. Most. I do know a couple of guys that gossip like crazy. I find myself drifting away, much like my wife does when I start talking about a project in working on. When I used to talk about my job I could start to see her eyes glaze over about 30 seconds in.

We listen to each other when talking about the kids and grandkids, difficulty with family members and jokes. She’s a comedian too and really funny. I laugh at every joke that comes from her mouth. When I tell her a new joke she just stares at me and says it wasn’t funny.

I think that most wives are that way because I hear it all the time. She’s embarrassed by what he says to someone because she thinks they will find it stupid and says, “Sorry, he thinks he’s so funny.” And yet so many ladies say that the first thing she noticed about him when they first met was his sense of humor. Right.

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