I Want Them Back!!!

The last time we went to Georgia I told the ticket agent that I wanted my black bag sent to Calgary, Alberta and the other one to St. Louis. He said, “I’m sorry, sir. We can’t do that.” I said, “Sure you can. You did it last time.” He was not amused.

I can think of few things more frustrating than arriving at your destination and discovering that your luggage did not. Ok maybe having a guest over who just won’t leave might be worse. Or waiting for the cable guy to show up on time, which never happens. Perhaps being called and selected for jury duty or talking to your Mother in law.

An airline lost my garment bag once and couldn’t find it so I had to buy all new clothes on my trip. It finally arrived 25 days later in Los Angeles. It had tags all over it. I’m sure it had a great time because it went to quite a few major cities and even a couple in Canada. Insane! I think I’ll hide in a trunk or something next time and pay for someone to check me so I can have as nice an inexpensive trip as my bag did.

I was at Heathrow airport in the UK, going back to Los Angeles when I was summoned over the intercom to return to the ticket agent. She told me that they couldn’t find my luggage. I know! How do you lose someone’s luggage when they haven’t even boarded the plane? She assured me that the luggage would be on the next flight out. I said, “No, I’m not leaving the country unless I know my luggage is going to be on the same plane.” She was angry with me but they located the bags within ten minutes.

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8 thoughts on “I Want Them Back!!!

  1. Thanks for the public service announcement, Jerry. You reminded me once again, and forcefully, why I don’t travel; why I gave up my passport and won’t cross any borders that are “national” in nature. Maybe they should just forget the whole luggage thing and invent the “rent a luggage” deal, including it in your ticket. Generic luggages just waiting for you when you disembark. “Excuse me, I did check “M” for “male” on the rent a luggage section of the ticket? What do I do with that little strapless thing, and the stilettos? And that’s definitely not my shade of lipstick!”

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  2. Another classic Jerry Mabbott one-line opener!
    This serves as a reminder as to why we never travel by plane.
    Now I have an image of a president of the USA & entourage travelling by commercial airline and finding out that the little box with all the nuclear codes hasn’t arrived…I leave the rest to you.

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    1. I wondered what was in that black box at my door… No return address. I’m going to open it and see if I can figure the, “US nuclear arsenal self-destruct sequence: enter the five digit code now.” I bet I know, it’s 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.

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      1. Hahaha😄!
        It’s probably the Pentagon’s back-up device against presidents who go crazy, you press the sequence and either a custard pie or a jack-in-box pops out!


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