Yes!! I Meant To Say Yes!!!

I think I know how to determine the length of time between a nano second and a split second. Heather and I were going to dinner and she asked me if her outfit looked good. If I had said yes in a nano second, we would have had a nice dinner and I wouldn’t be sleeping on the couch.

Its been talked about forever; these questions that are so difficult for a man to answer. It’s no mystery. It’s a fun process for the ladies. They’ve got you by the “you know whats” and she knows it. I think it’s just one of the ways they let us know who’s in charge, like we need more proof.

Then there’s the game they play where they make US change or clothes before leaving the house. The strange thing is that it doesn’t matter if they’re coming with us! I know! She somehow thinks that the outfit we choose will be evaluated as an extension of her. Crazy.

I came up with a plan to fool her. I would pick out something that I knew looked dreadful on me knowing that she would reject it immediately and then I would put on what I really wanted to wear in the first place. Ha! Got her! But she immediately agreed on whatever I put on first. I knew I’d been had. She’s just too good at knowing how my inferior mind works.

Yes, she picked out this outfit for me.

So, I just let her pick out clothes for me and telling her in a nano second that she looks great in whatever she chooses for herself. Life is just easier this way. Does it make me feel like a kid? Sure, but at least she’s happy and we all know how the saying goes. It’s just not worth the fight.

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2 thoughts on “Yes!! I Meant To Say Yes!!!

  1. Then there’s the ‘You’re Just Saying That’ response, which after 40+ years I’m still trying to figure out.
    It seems to me women’s brain have evolved along far subtler and nuanced ways, whereas us guys are still at the simpler ‘Hurr! No like! Me throw rocks!!’ frame of mind.

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