Ahhhh!!! I’m Naked!!!

Rip tides are awful. They not only try to kill you, they also rip off your swimsuit and any dignity you might have left. At some point you have to get out of the water, buck naked. Rip tide indeed.

In my twenties I used to go body surfing. It was really fun until I was caught in the vicious grip of a rip tide. I had heard about them but I really didn’t understand their power until that day. I had absolutely no power of my own at all. I thought I was certainly going to croak. Kick the bucket. Meet God in person.

As my head rose above the surface, I saw my Father in law shouting at me. I say “saw” because I couldn’t hear him at all. He used to be a life guard though and he knew the ocean well so I was sure he would save me. Wrong. He never came.

Suddenly I remembered something that I was unaware that I knew. Don’t fight. Just relax and enjoy the ride. Most people who die in these things do so because they become so exhausted that when an opportunity arises for an escape, they don’t have the energy. It took me on a terrifying mile long trip and I was able to escape it’s clutches. Then I screamed like a little girl.

Oh, and my father in law didn’t come to get me because that’s another thing. Many people bite the big one by trying to save someone from a rip tide. He was yelling at me to relax and enjoy the ride. I guess I heard him after all. I just wish I had some clothing on when I got out of the water. That was terrifying for the people on the beach.

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5 thoughts on “Ahhhh!!! I’m Naked!!!

  1. Wow! What an adventure!
    I guess waiting until night-time to come ashore would have been pushing your luck. Unless you’d remained seated in the shallows saying ‘Ommm’ (It might have worked)

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  2. The trick, as I have found out here at Boundary Bay, is to go INTO the water naked… then you don’t lose your bathing suit – just leave it on the shore just out of reach of the tide,or waves. Never understood what people have against natural nakedness… it’s so enjoyable, especially in body warm sea water. When one is in the sea naked, one becomes a part of it, not “using” or “fighting” but flowing. OK, darn, it’s middle of December and you got me thinking about wallowing in body warm water like a drunk seal! Now I have to wait months. Patience, young Jedi, patience, the Force is in you…

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