You Have No Class!!

I mentioned that we finally got snow. An announcement came over Weber State University’s intercom: “If you’re parked on the street, please move your car for the snow plows. “Thirty minutes later there was another announcement: “The twelve hundred students who went to move 26 cars please return to class.”

Snow days were always great when the schools closed. A free day to play outside all day long in the snow. Building snowmen, making snow angels, building forts to ward off hostile snowball ninjas, getting frostbite. You might lose a finger or two but it was worth it!That night we would pray for more snow so we could do it all over again. Sometimes we would get lucky and miss another day.

Second day left over snow is not nearly as much fun as when it was fresh. It’s been turned into ice mostly which now made for lethal snowballs and no snow angels. The fort is stronger and the snowmen are still standing.

What to do…Sledding!! Sweet! On ice the sleds would really fly, which was always so much fun until someone really got going and had a Clark Griswold experience. Trips to the emergency room have a tendency to put a damper on having fun.

Oh well. It never took us long to create an equally dangerous game. No one ever died. Some broken bones and teeth now and again but it was all worth it because it was fun! We needed to get back to school just to heal.

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