The Cable Guy Did What???

Yesterday the TV cable guy refused to come in the house until I put my two ferocious Toy Schnauzers in another room. Seriously, cable dude? What’s next? He won’t go in the next house because there’s a blood thirsty Yorkie? Wuss.

It gets worse. Neither dog bites but one barks at strangers. She’s a rescue dog named Sammy from a puppy mill who was abused, never socialized and doesn’t even know how to play. She protects. That’s all she knows. The other is a loveable 7 pounder named Maggie. She loves everyone.

I was in my pajamas and barefoot (Hey, I’m retired and home all day by myself) so this guy stood outside the opened door while I picked up Sammy. Meanwhile, Maggie went out on the porch to say hello. I said, “Please grab her because she’s a runner.” He just stepped aside and let her take off.

I still had to go upstairs to put Sammy in another room so this light weight could do his job. As I ran past him, still in the doorway, I told him to get his work done and get out. Off I ran in freezing temperatures with my PJs and no shoes. I’m also not supposed to run do to severe knee problems and seizures, but it’s Maggie! No choice.

I had to run about a mile to finally get her but in the process she was darting in and out of busy streets. She ran into the middle of one extremely busy street where everyone goes between 40 and 50 mph. Everyone stopped for her until I could get her. We were both freezing when we got back so I got a couple of blankets and sat with her on the couch.

The Cable dude started telling me how to work the new equipment. I asked him if everything worked and he said yes. I told him to leave. I guess I could have been nicer, but I was really mad. If he had just called me on his way over like he was supposed to, I would have had the dogs taken care of and there would have been no problem. Ugh.

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2 thoughts on “The Cable Guy Did What???

  1. You make a great point. It’s sad that some service people don’t understand the meaning of the word, service. I spend 42.5 years as a “service techie” out in the commercial trade – what can I say, I loved my job! – and the greatest feeling in the world was thinking back on those times when I went out of my way to interact personally with the folks, sometimes doing that little extra, like, hey I’ve already got the ladder up, can I change those dead fluorescents for you? Or, your coolers have a lot of accumulated dust on top, can you get me a vac and I’ll clean all of them while I’m up here? Oh, and yes, acknowledging and commenting on the pets and petting them if allowed (by pet or owner!) was a big part of it. If you love peoples’ pets, the people love you back… and so do the pets!!!

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