I Can’t Remember!!!

I was always late for work. My boss threatened to fire me, so my doctor prescribed some Ambien. I finally slept well and got to work early. I told my boss, “I got some Ambien and I can’t believe it, I’m early”! He said, “That’s great, but where were you yesterday”?

Fatigue is an enemy which robs you of energy and the natural healing process of the body. Frankly, I don’t think it’s true that the body requires rest to heal because the staff at hospitals won’t let you rest. Someone is always coming in to take blood, vital signs and your valuables.

When you’re drugged, it seems like there is always someone at the ready to take a video and make you look foolish on social media. The culprit in the above video was my wife, Heather.

She said she was getting even for the pictures I took of her when she was about to go in to have surgery. I don’t think so because another time when one of my “twins” ran away from home, the last thing I heard her say as they were rolling me toward the OR was, “Don’t worry honey, I’ll still love you even if you’re half a man”.

I guess that’s what happens when two comedians marry. By the time the night was over, I had enough material to create a really good bit to add to my act. Heather is VERY funny which makes our home life a lot of fun. Like most wives, however, she will not laugh at anything I say. This blows the myth that women want a man who makes them laugh. Right.

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5 thoughts on “I Can’t Remember!!!

  1. It must be something to do with DNA.
    I heard girls tell each other the most salty jokes and bay with laughter; a guy says similar jokes to the same group……freeze, there again a girl tells men a bawdy jokes and its embarrassed laughter and a lot of tut-tutting afterwards.
    Maybe that’s because of them being small groups, because it doesn’t seem to work that way with audiences….not that I’ve ever dared!

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      1. I might get one laugh, when I freeze and getting booted on stage….. Ah! I can get a second, trying to get back off!

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