How Stupid!!!!

I went to get a screen protector for my phone. The guy sold me an upgrade to a tempered  glass protector. He demonstrated how effective it was by pulling out a phone and pounding it with a hammer! It didn’t even make a scratch. Sold! As soon as I got home, I beat the glass like it was a piñata. The glass is still intact but the phone is now dead. Great.

I hate scratches on my phone. Call me OCD if you’d like but scratches on the screen drive me crazy so I always get a screen protector. Always. At first, I tried doing it myself. Why should I pay someone $25 to put one on when I was perfectly able to do it myself?

I got the protector and followed the directions to the letter. All went well except for one thing. There were bubbles everywhere! I checked out the trouble shooting guide. It said it was normal and to use a credit card edge to push the bubbles out of any edge of the screen.

Yeah, right. It’s like more bubbles appeared the harder I worked on it. It looked the same as when someone tries to tint the windows in their car themselves. Bubbles everywhere. I would have to push the car over a cliff. Sure, I would probably go to prison for insurance fraud but at least the bubbles would be gone.

It would probably be better if I took it to a professional but when you’re OCD, you can’t be held responsible for your actions. I would have no choice. The memory would linger for the rest of my life. I would have to buy a new car and have the film installed by a professional before going to jail.

I’m not sure what the secret is. I think I’ll need to be employed at one of these joints to figure out how they do it. Plus it would be fun to take a hammer to a phone that doesn’t belong to me. In the meantime, are you interested in buying a dead phone? The glass is perfect.

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3 thoughts on “How Stupid!!!!

  1. Hahahaha! Yes, there is a trick to decalcomania! Most people PRESS on the film – error! The trick is to make sure the surface is moist – that’s right, slightly wet. Have a smooth edged straight edge ready. Peel back only a small amount of the cover, or decal and begin at one end of the screen, pushing down LIGHTLY!!! as the backing is peeled back. Watch out if any bubbles remain, THEY WILL NOT PUSH OUT LATER. Lift back – GENTLY – to allow the bubble to exit in the same direction as you’re applying. Continue to the end.

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