Mind Your Manners!!!

My dogs have no manners. They eat like animals!

I love having dogs as pets. Some people say I’m a dog lover, which sounds gross to me. There are laws against cooking dogs. If your thoughts went a different direction, shame on you .

They really have become an integral part of the family in our country. I’m not sure when we made the transition, but I’m thinking it was most likely following the death of Old Yeller. I’ve yet to see a person keep a dry eye through that movie.

We prefer the toy schnauzer breed. They’re great with kids, non allergenic, they don’t shed and they’re very smart. But man, can they bark! I’ve trained them not to bark unnecessarily with a water spray bottle, so that’s not a problem until the doorbell rings. I realize they are in protection mode, which is good, but I’m not talking about a real doorbell. I’m talking about the one on tv. One of them losses her mind!

Along with parental advisories regarding violence, language, etc.; they should also have to warn us against doorbells. “This program contains numerous doorbells. Dog owner discretion is advised.”

The problem is that these doorbells come unexpectedly, which can cause heart attacks or your laundry basket to immediately increase in volume. Multiple rings, spaced only minutes apart, cause me to think the entertainment industry is being paid by the government to help with overpopulation. It certainly increases stress levels beyond safe recommendations. Even when no one comes through the door, they will continue to bark for several minutes before calming down.

I’ve given up ordering pizza for delivery. There’s no point. The poor, unsuspecting person will be bombarded with the wrath of two of the loudest barking dogs ever. I am that unsuspecting person. The pizza guy goes through it all the time, so he’s expecting it. He has the element of surprise on his side, whereas I am the vulnerable victim. So, we changed from Papa Johns to Papa Murphy’s.

We love our dogs. Hopefully, we all do. But we must always remember they are animals. We think its cute when we feed them people food,  but its just not good for the dog. It means they will not eat enough dog food, which is blended to get proper nutrition to remain healthy and be a loving companion longer. I know its tempting, but please refrain if you love your pet.

Our dog Mulder getting acquainted with the neighborhood moose calf.

Think about that, please, for your dog’s sake. I have to go now. My dog’s oatmeal is almost ready.

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