Where’s My Cookie???

A guy quickly puts 3 cookies in his pocket and tells his friend that he is much smarter than he is because he stole the cookies. The other guy asks the baker for a cookie to do a magic trick. The guy ate the cookie and asked for another. He ate that one too and asked for another, which he ate. The baker was furious and demanded payment. The guy said, “I didn’t eat those cookies. Check the coat pocket of my friend.”

Everything is not what it seems to be, right? Relationships certainly fit the bill. That person in high school will certainly be your soul mate for life. Marriage is going to be easy. Your wife will always laugh at your jokes and stories. Your in-laws really think you are the perfect person for their child. Right.

Sometimes what we think is true just can’t be. Life happens and you have no control over everything. Like when you see an amazing looking sandwich, burger, etc.; only to buy a colorless, tasteless facsimile of what you saw on TV. When you think you will always be thin.

That’s are so many more. Sports fans think their favorite teams will always be great. I learned that the hard way by adopting the Miami Dolphins as my favorite NFL team. Normally they fold faster than Kevin Stacy’s career. When you learn that your parents are just people who make mistakes like everyone else. That your candidate will always win the election.

There are many, many more but I think in order to really enjoy life we must understand that sometimes things aren’t fair. Bad things happen to good people. You’ll alway get a tax refund. The Simpsons aren’t real. You’ll always be super close to your siblings. I think we need accept the fact that life throws you curveballs and deal with them as they come the best way we can.

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