I’m Choking!!!!

Heather and I were shopping. A woman screamed, “My daughter swallowed a nickel and she’s choking!!” A man performed the Heimlich maneuver and put the nickel in his pocket. The woman said, “Thank you! You must be a doctor.” He said, “Nope. I work for the IRS.”

If it seems like I’m picking on the IRS lately and you work for them, I’m not. Not in any way so no need to audit me ever. For the rest of you, of course I’m picking on them! Why not? It’s the only organization that I pay every year and get nothing in return. I do that with my brother in law too but he’s not an organization so it isn’t relevant. (Gary, if you’re reading this, I want my money back!!!)

It must be difficult to work for the IRS on the front lines where you have to deal with people who immediately hate you. If you work in an office or cubicle you are at least sheltered by the angry people coming at you all day long. I would be grumpy too. That’s why whenever I have to go in their office I alway bring them corn dogs. Who doesn’t love corn dogs? It seems to work.

Even in Biblical times tax collectors were considered to be evil. Of course they were more like the mob because anything they collected beyond what the citizen owed was theirs to keep. There were mob shakedowns even back then. I have known people who refuse to file tax returns because they said it was illegal. They’re still friends but I don’t hang out with them much because visiting hours at the prison are very inconvenient.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Choking!!!!

  1. I’ve sent a copy of this post to my distant cousins in the IRS.
    Nothing personal Jerry, it’s just that the bonds of comradeship amongst tax assessors and collectors transcend all others.
    (I did add a rider that in turn for this information I will expect to see a few more billionaires ruined)😉😉

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