This Workout Plan Is Killing Me!!!

I’ve started a new exercise program. I do twenty sit-ups every morning. That may not sound like a lot, but you can only hit that SNOOZE button so many times…

Heather is a snoozer, big time. My alarm is set for 7:35 because she needs to be at her workplace by 8:30. When my alarm goes off it gently awakens me and I get right up. Heather’s is set for some Christian rap music, probably Toby Mac. It always startles goes off the times before mine. Ugh.

We all know that the best sleep is between snoozes so jest set it to go off twice. Once at midnight and the other at 7:45 am. Can you imagine the incredible sleep you would get from midnight on since we sleep best between snoozes. Brilliant!

I have a lot to do in the morning. Since Heather works all day, I make the coffee, iron her clothes, make her lunch and put everything in her car. I also prepare her medicine so she just had to grab the provided glass of water and take the meds. I feel good helping her. Then I clean the kitchen and fold laundry of needed.

Side note: I just bought a new iron and cover for the ironing board and I was way excited to try them out this morning. Is that odd? Should I seek immediate help? I’m so confused, which is really nothing new.

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3 thoughts on “This Workout Plan Is Killing Me!!!

  1. I never thought of using a snooze button like that….cool!
    New iron board cover sounds good to me. Us men have our domestic side too.
    A few years back when I was still working I was party to a three-way all-male discussion on the best way to pack a supermarket trolley, and then the subsequent organisation of the bags to put the stuff in after being checked-out.
    NASA?….Didn’t come close!

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