Owwww! This hurts!!!

I know the word impregnable means to be captured or broken into or unable to be defeated or destroyed, but I believe it’s really referring to a woman who still vividly recalls the agony of childbirth.

I don’t know how women do it. I think most men, me included would not get through it. Like most “projects” we work on, when we reach an impasse we just say to ourselves, “Ah, forget about it. I’ll grab a beer and finish it later.”

Women are amazing. Well most are if we think about it objectively, but we don’t. We convince ourselves that they are nuts. What other explanation could there be? It’s like they automatically know which skin care products they need to keep it smooth and soft. We take a shower, put clothes on that rarely match and we’re good to go.

They know the benefits of exfoliating while we don’t even know what it means. Yes, I had to look it up. They know that loofahs are essential while we stare at it in the shower and think, “I wonder what the heck that thing is for?” And don’t get me started on intuition. That stuff is scary. I suppose that’s why I am scared of my wife even though I’ve got at least a hundred pounds on her.

Ladies rock!

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