Yikes!! The Holiday Season Already???

Last weekend, my wife and I were at the grocery store looking at turkeys. A woman, also looking for a turkey, asked an employee walking by if the turkeys got any bigger. The guy said, “Lady, they’re all dead”.

I know that the Holidays are a lot of fun, hanging out with friends and family. That doesn’t mean that family fun is had by everyone. Sometimes, its better to let some family members fend for themselves. All it takes is one person intent on bringing drama to the festivities to ruin a great potential event.

We feel guilty about not inviting a family member, but I think that if someone in the family or even a close friend should not be invited if they have proven that they are people who love to stir things up. In fact, just before dinner on thanksgiving, we always talk about one thing we’re thankful for. I’m always tempted to say that I’m thankful that so and so isn’t here. That would be tacky.

Also, if anyone in my house for dinner that day says that they have to leave in order to get a good spot in line for black Friday will get locked in the basement. Sure, I might end up on an episode of “Criminal Minds”, but it would be worth going to jail to keep just one or two people out of those lines. If every household in America did that, black Friday would disappear. I love that idea.

Its not just black Friday in and of itself that makes it difficult for retail employees. Preparing for the weekend begins in mid October. Staff need to be hired and trained, schedules need to be altered, merchandise needs to be rearranged in the warehouse to make it easier to get the goods in the customer’s hands.

They also have to train employees to be aware of potential shoplifters. They are out in force on that day because of all of the chaos, which serves to be the distraction necessary to steal what they want.

During the course of the day, merchandise must be replenished, so someone must be aware of empty shelves. There are so many elements to ensure that all customers are served as best they can, but you can’t please everyone that weekend. Once the door buster items are gone, they are gone. The store can’t usually get more because they are special buys.

So, if you’re tempted to go out on black Friday, please just relax and enjoy more time with your loved ones and that obnoxious one. That’s much better than hassling with long lines and crazy people. Enjoy the holidays, and allow employees of the big box stores enjoy theirs as well. Wait for “Cyber Monday” where you’ll get great bargains shopping in your jammies. Of course many Walmart shoppers wear them to the store.

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3 thoughts on “Yikes!! The Holiday Season Already???

  1. By the ‘heroic’ efforts of Amazon Black Friday has been successfully imported into the UK. But despite the very best efforts of some of the finest retail brains, they still can’t find a way to get Thanksgiving shoe-horned in. (They don’t try with 4th July, because we have November The 5th to let fireworks off)

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