A Tribute To My Wife…

Heather and I had our first date 22 years ago today. She is the most sweet, kind, caring, loving, selfless, intelligent, beautiful and funny person I’ve ever met. She gives money, food or whatever is in need to strangers. She helps out her family, works full time and she is my caretaker too since I am disabled, all while suffering from bipolar syndrome herself!

That is an awful lot to try to tackle! But she just does it. She doesn’t complain, she just goes about her day, doing what needs to be done. In addition, she is a comedian and a public speaker. She is amazing. Bipolar people have a difficult time just getting out of bed to go to work, aside from all of these other things. She’s also a wonderful grandma, daughter, stepmother and sister.

When she is on stage at a comedy club, she is the best. She emcees a lot and that is a very tough job that she makes look easy. She has to get a cold audience warmed up and laughing, handle all of those who are having celebrations so that the other comedians don’t have to. If a comic bombs and kills the crowd, she has to go up and get them laughing again. She’s the best emcee I’ve ever seen.

I feel more fortunate each day to have her in my life. She loves me despite my knucklehead ways, like trying to tackle too much, despite her advice and then having a seizure. She’s had to rush to the ER much too often, race from work to the pharmacy to get prescriptions for me before they close.

All of this without taking care of her own  medical needs enough. There’s just not enough time and way too much stress..This takes its toll on her.  I can’t drive so I do as much as possible for her at home but it’s not enough. She is an amazing person and my best friend. Heather Mabbott, I am so proud of you and so thankful that you’re my wife!

6 thoughts on “A Tribute To My Wife…

  1. That is beautifully sweet. She sounds like an amazing woman, and you are a very fortunate man. All the best to you both. My parents had a 48th anniversary in October, and i’m just awed and even a little jealous here i am at 37 and still single. But true love is true love, it’s wonderful to see others that can find it and keep it in this messy world where love and marriage are taken for granted.

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