It’s The Wrong Guy!!

Note to the Miami Dolphins: Never start a quarterback who is obviously color blind.

What an ugly loss last night to the Baltimore Ravens, who are just not very good. Fortunately for them, the Dolphins made them look like SuperBowl contenders, losing  40 – 0. Miami had nothing. They ran slower than a one legged frog at the county fair.

Dolphins quarterback Matt Moore connected for three touchdowns, which would have been great if he had thrown the ball to Miami receivers. Instead, he decided to give the Ravens a break and play catch with anyone in a purple shirt.

And then one of the Dolphin’s defensive team hit  Ravens QB Joe Flacco with a vicious cheap shot that knocked the helmet off of the vulnerable QB, causing a concussion. At the very least the offender should be given a hefty fine and a suspension. He didn’t even get ejected from the game. I know!

Oh well, it’s only football. No biggie. There is still the World Series to look forward to tonight. That will be fun… Wait, I just realized that neither of my favorite teams are competing in the series. I think I’m just going to go to bed early. Ugh. 
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10 thoughts on “It’s The Wrong Guy!!

      1. You are welcome. The Birmingham derby tomorrow: Aston Villa vs Birmingham City (Or as I call it ‘The Comedy of Errors’)

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      2. Ah we were long gone by then.
        Since then the local authorities have been amusing themselves by pulling down buildings and cutting down trees in the city centre (the latter for security reasons???????)

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