My Skin Is Changing Color!!

My wife came home from work yesterday and asked what I had on my face. I told her that it was a new kind of fake tan product that is shiny. She told me that it looked ridiculous. I said, “It’s your fault. You always tell me I don’t glisten.” She said, “Listen! I tell you that you don’t LISTEN!”

A fake tan is a lot like a toupe. We always say that we can tell when a person is wearing one. Seriously? There has to be some of them that are so good that we never notice them. We only see the ridiculous looking ones.

When someone gets a spray on tan, we notice if they turn bright orange. We then think spray tans are ridiculous. But what about the ones that we don’t notice? I can’t even use the fake stuff because my legs have been too white for too long. Seriously, my wife and I decided to try some out. She ended up looking great while my skin simply rejected the liquid. No difference at all. I don’t tan, I stroke. 

Fortunately I don’t think I’ll ever be needing a rug on my head. We’ve never had that problem on either side of the family. That’s a good thing because I would shave my head before I would ever try a comb over or a toupe and my head is not shaped well enough to sport skin only. I knew some rich guys who spent the time and money to get hair plugs. I don’t know if they turned out well because they moved. I  don’t know. 

I’m just going to go with what God gave me. It can be crazy for men and women. I once saw an ad for a particular type of breast implant. The ad actually said “Beware of imitations.” Insane. 

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2 thoughts on “My Skin Is Changing Color!!

  1. My grandfather had a shock of thick white hair which refused to obey, my father being a WWII vet always had the traditional British ‘short back and sides’ and had to have that regularly lest it grow beneath his ears.
    I go for a regular taming of the locks, I have gone very white, my wife says I look distinguished.
    Nature has been kind to me.
    My one daughter and granddaughter dye their hair, I wisely say ‘Oh, that’s nice’ and change the subject.

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