Am I Crazy??? Yes???

“If I played football I could never be the center because I’m ticklish.”.  

~Comedian Keith Stubbs 

Congratulations to our nephew Brax Hammond for helping his team make it to the Mini Bowl again! (They’re version of the SuperBowl) Sorry for the Seizure. I’m sure that was not part of the game plan. 

I was so excited to see his team in action. Probably the best coached younger football team I’ve ever seen. They haven’t lost a game in at least two years and they have a tendency to blow out the opposition. No joke. They win big, making it really fun to watch unless you happen to be on the other side of the field. I almost feel bad for them. Almost. 

Look, someone has to lose and someone has to win, right? That’s just the way things work. My nephew’s team is crazy good. Last Saturday they played for a chance to go back to the Mini – Bowl. The score was very close at half time against another undefeated team but it was a blow out by the closing gun, 50 – 22. Amazing. 

That should have been enough excitement, right?  Wrong. At least while I’m around. Rewind. On the way to the game, we bought some coffee and breakfast sandwiches. By the third quarter I knew I was in trouble. I was having some sort of violent allergic reaction to something. Heart pounding out of control, etc. But I refused to leave before the end of the game.

Following the end of the rout by our little guys, I thought I was going to have a seizure, so I needed to get away from the concrete bleachers. So I walked down on the track to get to the field. Lights out. I awoke to the loving care of several nurses, and was taken off the field on the cart, normally reserved for injured players. Then I used my ipipen for the allergic reaction. Big mistake. I don’t know if you guys know this but injecting a large quantity of epinephrine into your body can cause quite a reaction. 

I was completely unprepared for the intense pounding of my heart, shortness of breathe, etc. So off to the ER for some soothing medication and a lecture from the doctor.  The bottom line is that I’m fine, although exhausted and I’d like to think that my problems at the game will provide enough incentive for the team to win the Mini Bowl this Saturday. Win one for the geezer — um Gipper. 

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