I Love My Stuff!

I’m not a harder like people say. I’m simply doing my part to keep the land fill from reaching capacity. What are YOU doing? Yeah, that’s what I thought.

Some people are collectors, or at least that’s how it begins. They plan on collecting and selling anything that is really hot at the time and then selling the items to make a fortune. The problem is that by the time they collect what they think is enough, they have no longer increased in value. Now what? They’re stuck with 3,852 Beanie Babies and can’t even get face value for them. So they keep them because they’re certain they’ll get hot again. 

If you repeat this scenario too many times – bam!  – you’re a hoarder. I know someone that fits this profile. I’m sure we all do or have in the past. It’s not like their house is filed with rotting rubbish; rather the house is neat. They have 36 storage units for the collections. Now they’re spending a lot of money just to keep their loot which makes it impossible to ever recoup their losses. 

The answer is obvious. Turn your house into a museum. Each room can feature a different collection. The Beanie Babies, Pet Rocks, bow ties, spinners and the massive etch-a-sketch collection. You could charge a nominal fee to tour the house and at least begin to make some money. 

Sure, you’ll have to live in one of the storage units because there’s no room in the museum to actually live because YOU ARE A HOARER AFTER ALL! Just sell the stuff for whatever you can to pay for therapy and be done with it already. 
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