7 thoughts on “I’ve Been Hacked!!!

  1. omg, I WISH I could’ve done what you did. I hope he did soil himself. I’d want to turn the tables so badly. Can’t stand con-artists and hackers. Ever since we’ve moved, within 1 year my family had to change the debit card 2 times. Just this past month someone was depleting the bank accounts and made nearly $2,000 worth of payments with another just about to be processed. The bank stopped it and are still investigating. They say it didn’t come from our area. But I don’t know about that. Hackers use hidden networks and servers that connect all over the world, making it impossible to trace. I’m glad you caught the creep and got a little sweet revenge.

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    1. It was fun getting even. I’m sorry your family had to go through this ever threatening crap. The breeches are becoming increasingly frequent so it will undoubtedly get worse. I think I’m going to get a Lifelock account.

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      1. Thank you. I’m in Florida, and they must have some huge rings here, every day it’s on the news. Our County’s main website was hacked over the month so every one paying their utility and water bills has to do it over the phone or by check. I wonder if our hack stemmed from that. It’s possible, hundreds of people got hit. I’ll look into the life-lock system.

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  2. Even though we live by the ocean the Hurricane moved West. But parts of the county still got swamped. 😦 I think because our are sits on a higher ground, the water never reached us. The winds were more like tropical storm so there was some damage to the backyard. But nothing like they’d predicted 24/7. Not on our side. I feel terrible for the areas that did get hit hard. We evacuated because of all the uncertainty. We’re New Yorkers, we’d gotten through some hurricanes, but they still left a mark. So we were unsure how bad it could be here.


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