Knock Knock. Who’s There? Do I What???

Last week, three people knocked on my door. The first was a politician doing some old fashioned campaigning. The second were two guys asking for someone I’ve never heard of. The last time there was a very pregnant woman asking me if I sold nursing bras. What???

Obviously someone locally was selling them and she was lost but I started thinking about it. Who sells used underwear? Is a bra considered underwear? Especially a nursing bra? I referred her to my friend Pam who has a business selling top of the line women’s delicates, Pambras.

I’ve never been afraid to conduct door to door business. I haven’t alway succeeded, but I always did my best. And I never had a door slammed in my face. Not one in at least a thousand. 

I sold Fuller Brush products in the evenings in high school and did surprisingly well. When I came home from serving in the Air Force I couldn’t find work so I tried selling portrait packages door to door. That was a total bust. I’ve only been rejected more by women. 

I’ve sold swimming pools, Culligan Water and milk and grocery items but I have never and never will sell nursing bras door to door. That’s a promise. 

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