Save The Trees!! Well Sort Of…

When I worked for Circuit City in the 80’s everyone received a 34 page document about reducing our use of paper. I’m not kidding. We got it in a staff meeting and I got in trouble for laughing so hard. I couldn’t stop. No one else saw the irony. 

One of the best things about the advancement of technology is saving trees. I save most documents in an electronic file either on my phone or my computer. I back it up in the cloud and never have to print it out. Even PDF files that need to be filled out and signed can be completed in a PDF app and then emailed or faxed back without printing. 

It also saves my ink supply which is great because that stuff is more expensive than Starbucks coffee.  Hey, I just had a great idea! Computer companies should hook up with Starbucks and create red, green and blue coffee that can also be used to refill printer cartridges. They already have black. That way you could order a Venti size drink but only consume a Grande portion. The rest? Ink!

The cream could be the source of the other colors. It’s brilliant! I’m going to have a three way call with me, Starbucks and HP first thing Monday morning. If we put a man on the moon, we can certainly create coffee that also serves as ink. (I have no idea how the two connect but I’ve always wanted to use that analogy) Plus, if you ever run out of coffee, bam! Drink the ink. Wait, that could be the slogan. Drink the ink! I love it!

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