I’m Shocked!!!

I’m stunned beyond belief. Yesterday I actually witnessed someone writing a check at the grocery store. Who writes checks anymore? I think he must have been in a coma for years and finally woke up. He’s going to fall back in a coma when he sees the gas prices.  

Debit cards are wonderful, especially the chip cards. You simply insert the card in the machine and voila, transaction complete. Well you still have to enter your pin to complete the purchase, but that’s no big deal. I can’t believe we used to have to swipe our cards! Absurd! One time I swiped a card but I got caught and ended up doing 800 hours of community service.

Chip cards. What’s next? A chip implant? Yikes! That’s Biblical prophecy, isn’t it? Beware if we are forced to have a chip inserted in order to utilize the banking system. I think I’m going to start hoarding gold. It’s always going to be worth something.

I’ll be one of those old guys who dies while living in squalor while having two closets filled with gold. At the very least, I plan to be very eccentric starting in just about eight years. I’ll keep everyone off guard, wondering what I’ll do next. Fun!

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