Put The Oxygen Mask On BEFORE My Kids? Are You Nuts???

When my son was young I decided to surprise him with his first airplane ride. He sat in the window seat and before long he said, “Dad! Look at all the cards down there! They look like ants!” I said, “Son, we  haven’t taken off yet. Those are ants.”

As a comedian, I’ve told my share of airline/airplane jokes and I think they’re still funny because they still apply. So if you’re flying from Southern California to Phoenix they still tell you about the seat cushion being also a floatation device. Right? Just how many bodies of water are there between LA and Phoenix?

Forget the floatation device. How about a parachute? That I could use. And the oxygen mask? They really think I’m not going to put it on my kids first? That’s insane. I know they say that your no good to your kids of you’re incapacitated first but how long does it take to put one on? My kids would hold that little nugget over my head for the rest of my life. 

How about a Nerf plane? Much lighter material and it would float in water. You could actually bump into another plane! Bumper planes! Put the fun back in air travel! 

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