I Can Do That In My Sleep!!!

I don’t mean to brag but I was one of those kids who never had to study, bring books home, etc. That’s probably why I flunked. 

We’ve all known people who have the ability to do that. Never study for exams, play while you do, and always let you know about it. My oldest brother was that way and it nearly drove my sister crazy. She studied very hard and worked for her grades. 

Siblings John and Joanna. John is an Executive VP, Joanna an exceptionally talented legal associate.

My brother Jim never stopped working hard at school. He became a teacher and through the years progressed through the ranks and became the guy who supervised the superintendents throughout his state. I’m not sure about my younger brother. He’s young enough that I never saw his report cards. 

Jim Mabbott
Fred Mabbott is an Executive in a large national company.

All of my siblings are brilliant people. I’m not sure what happened to me. Something was certainly amiss because I ended up being a stand up comedian. You don’t need good grades to get into show business, thank goodness. Oh well, I am still having a blast writing funny blogs and books and I have wonderful memories from this strange career. 

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