Ouch!!! That Didn’t Hurt. What???

I really hate it when someone slams my fingers in the car door. Then again, that’s probably a healthy outlook. If I enjoyed it, what would that mean?

Have you ever done something like bumping into a wall and instinctively said, ouch, even though it didn’t hurt? I’ve done that so many times. It should be evidence that its time for a vacation in the looney bin. 

I also find myself saying excuse me if I belch or break wind, even though I’m home alone. I guess I respect myself too much to consider that acceptable behavior and I would otherwise be offended. 

Sometimes it can’t be helped. If you stub a toe hard, its perfectly ok to create your own language as you hop around the room. I’ve broken the same toe twice this year and I can tell you that the second time I lost my religion. 

Or if you get your head stuck in the ice maker in the refrigerator. That’s painful, embarrassing and freezing cold. Plus, everyone seems to want to know how it happened. I’m not telling. Let’s just say that I’m not the best handyman around. 

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