I’m Being Followed!!!

I’m sure the CIA is on to me by now. I’ve been writing and sending them blogs that are secured in a code that they can’t possibly break. I call it the “Idiot Code” and they are obviously embarrassed for being unable to crack it. They just tell me to “Cease and Desist.” I know that just means they’re baffled by my code. Heh, heh, heh. 

If you are getting messages from the CIA, telling you to stop sending messages to them, you know you’re on to something big! Even though the agency says they are really the “Centrale Innovation Agency”, I think we all know what that means. They’re hiding something and who knows how high this goes?

They always answer my criptic messages. Always. So what if the attorneys for the organization are who respond to me. At least I know that I have their attention. You can’t pull the wool over my eyes, mostly because I’m allergic to wool, but still…

I’m waiting for the knock on the door. That moment when I become a star on 48 Hours, even though I’ve killed no one except that annoying mosquito back in ‘76. They really can’t do anything, right? Surely there is a statute of limitations for sending a pest like a mosquito to meet his maker. 

Oh well. I’ll just keep on posting until I’m arrested. What more can I do? Thank you for your support. 

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