Seriously??? Who Does That???

A Nun found $100 in an envelope that read “Don’t Worry.” She decided to give it to someone in need. She dropped the envelope down to a homeless man. He gave her the thumbs up sign. The next day he showed up with handfuls of hundred dollar bills. When she asked why he said, “It’s your cut. “Don’t Worry” paid 80 to 1!”

I love horse racing. More than anything, its watching these marvelous athletes gracefully speed around the track. The horses are beautiful too. Ha! Do you see what I did there? I told a stupid joke which is no surprise if you read this blog regularly. 

Seriously, last week I bought some Jockey brand underwear but they were way too small. See? I did it again! I have a million jokes, everyone of them stupid. I wonder how many jockeys want to be one when they were kids. Imagine how happy they would be when they didn’t grow ‘up’! A dream come true. 

I poke fun but I really have a lot of respect for jockeys. Just like any successful athlete, it takes a tremendous amount of training and talent to be one of the best. Also, women compete with men! You don’t often see that in a sport. They used to compete in archery together until the great PMS massacre of 1981. 

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