I’m A Shut In!!!

A friend of mine is a principal at a middle school. One day he saw a new substitute teacher banging his forehead against a locker muttering , “How did I get myself into this?” My friend asked, “Are you okay? Can I help?” The teacher said, “I’ll be fine as soon as I get this kid out of his locker.”

I never did find out whether who put the kid in his locker. Was it a bully? Was it himself? Was it the teacher? No matter. As long as the kid wasn’t traumatized, it was kind of funny because either way, the teacher had some explaining to do. Funny. 

I know how bad bullying can be, so I’m not trying to trivialize the problem. Bullying is never ok, so maybe one of the kid’s friends did it to him as a practical joke. If that would have happened to me I would have laughed and planned something worse for him. 

I don’t think it could have happened to me because I was a fat kid. I wouldn’t have fit. I don’t know what they might have done to me. I’m sure you know how much I love pranks. In drama class, we were supposed to write a short scene and perform it. One of my friends and I decided we would stage a fight. We did, complete with blood (Karo syrup with red dye number 2, which is probably why I still drag my left foot a little), but it was believable and we got an A. Suckers. 

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