I’m Leaking!!!

I’m pretty sure our coffee maker is old. When it beeps to let us know when the coffee is ready, it now continues to drip. 

I hate the fact that as we grow older, certain parts of our bodies just sort of give up. Take the bladder for instance. I think if our life expectancy is in the 80’s, our body parts should last at least that long. There should be no need for adult diapers until you hit 90.

You know what I’m talking about. You young people reading this think it will never happen to you. So did I. Then I turned 60. I swear that it was right on my birthday when it started. You think you’re finished at the urinal until you walk away. Ugh. Its a terrible feeling and you think everyone around you knows. 

It happens to ladies at a certain point when they laugh hard. I have no idea how to prevent it other than staying at the urinal a lot longer, just in case. Or, I can do kegals all day. Ask your wife or girlfriend what they are. 

Anyway you approach the idea, it’s just not right. I’m determined to win this little game and sign off at 89. No diapers. 

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One thought on “I’m Leaking!!!

  1. That man could really use a nose hair trimmer. Yes, I believe for women the leaking starts even into the late thirties and 40’s LOL. They don’t make those very thin “protection” pads for elderly women…that’s when it’s time to invest in the adult diapers.

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