I Have Sand In My Eyes!!!

I always know when to go to bed. When I feel like there is sand in my eyes, I sleep and the feeling is gone. Except at the beach. I get completely confused and try to sleep all day. 

Now here’s the place to get some sleep!

I love the ocean. The smells, the calming cool breeze, the sound of the waves, and watching the sunset. To me, there’s nothing like it. Huntington Beach in Southern California is my favorite for just hanging out with friends. I was constantly there when I lived in California, which made my employer pretty angry. 

The two things I despise about any beach are sunburn and sand in my swim suit or clothing. I hate it so much that I think I’ll only go to nudist beaches. Um, I just thought that through and I think that would be a worse choice. 

The other thing I hate about sand is when it gets in your food. Gag! It doesn’t seem to matter how well you protect your picnic, all it takes is a little wind and bam! The food is inedible. So, I began eating at quaint little restaurants nearby. No sand in the food and then back to the beach to watch the gorgeous sunset. 

I never liked to go when it was really crowded. Early in the morning or early evenings were the best. I liked body surfing a great deal until I got caught in a rip tide. My father in law, who used to be a life guard saved me. I was completely exhausted. That was the end of my body surfing days. 

Now I boil salt water and wear my bathing suit in the bathtub. I use a fan for the cool breeze. No sand, no sunburn and there’s a channel on tv that shows only the beach so I still get the sunset. And I use an iPhone app to hear the waves. Or I guess I could just take a trip to Huntington Beach. Hmmm…

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