My Elbow Hurts!!!

If I ever decide to watch an NFL game again, I’m going to take an elbow in protest of taking a knee. 

In my opinion, President Trump did the right thing in calling out NFL players who disrespect our nation by kneeling or sitting during the national anthem. I don’t think his choice of words were the best, but he made his opinion known, and I like it. 

The entire Raider team sat on the bench during the anthem this past Sunday. We can say it’s their right to freedom of expression, that it’s disrespectful and disgusting or we can say nothing at all. My friend Ron Ruhman’s favorite team is the Raiders. When he saw the players sitting on the bench, he turned the tv off. Good for you, Ron. 

I would like to believe that ratings are down for NFL games because of the protesting or the President’s comments but that’s simply not true. Ratings began dropping long before Collin Kaepernick did.  The team owners and commissioner are trying to figure out why the ratings are down. 

I think the presidential campaign was a distraction because leading up to it the ratings were down about 15%. Post election they were down only 5% through the rest of the season. There have also been too many mismatched games on in the last few years, I think. 

This is horrible, in my opinion. Eight year olds? Come on.

In any event, I think those protests are despicable, especially when it trickles down to eight year olds. I hope that taking an elbow will catch on. 

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