I’m So Sorry!!!

I feel so sorry for elephants. So many other species are very colorful but the poor elephants are just a dull grey. Plus they’re not allowed to stay at most Ritz Carlton Hotels. Sad. 

I know this is true because I’ve never seen one there. This science is not conclusive because I’ve only stayed at one. So I called them to find out but there was something wrong with the phone system because we kept getting cut off. I’m going to assume that it’s true. 

If you do stay at one that accepts elephants and you end up next door to an elephant family, I highly recommend ear plugs because they can be extremely noisy. Plus they snore. It can make for a very difficult nights sleep. Maybe you could bribe them with peanuts to use breathe right strips. Its worth a try. 

There’s also the smell. It can get pretty strong because they can’t fit in the bathroom. I hope they tip the maids a lot of money because the cleaning has to be atrocious. It’s not their fault though, they’re elephants who need vacations too. 

It feels good to stand for the truly oppressed. 
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