Stop, Drop and Roll!!!

I woke up yesterday morning and my quads were on fire! I remembered why. Yesterday I did stairs. Yep, walked up 32 of ’em. 

It’s pretty sad when your muscles hurt after such little activity. I decided enough was enough. In the afternoon while my wife ran on the treadmill, I worked out on the exercise bike for 45 minutes. I have no idea how far I went – wait, check that. I know exactly how far I went. It’s a stationary bike. I went nowhere! 

My iPad was blocking the screen because I was watching a football game while eating a double cheeseburger while riding. I’m just kidding. It was a Dave’s Triple burger from Wendy’s and it was delicious. Again, I’m joking. It was kind of over cooked. Ha!

I need to shed 46.5 pounds by February 6th. Heather surprised me with a trip to Hawaii for our 20th anniversary on February 7th. There’s no way I’m going to sport a bathing suit looking like I do now. I’m not concerned about the people I will be around, it’s more about the photos that will inevitably wind up on Social Media. 

So I’ll be working out and counting calories for the next few months. I dropped 75 pounds six years ago. I will drop the weight this time too. I take a medication that fights weight loss, but I’m pretty strong willed (just ask my first three wives) and I’ll get it done. The tough part will be keeping it off after splurging a bit on the island. Well, the food on the island. Eating the some of the island would just be gross although it is considered a delicacy in some countries. 

At 61, it is tougher of course because the metabolism slows way down, but I will do it!! I’m pretty sure of it. Ok, really don’t know, but I’ll try. I think…
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