I Think I’m Gonna Hurl!!!

I think it should be mandatory for every last born child in a family to be responsible for cleaning hair off of the shower drain. I mean, someone has to do it, right? You’re welcome. 

Its really not the hair itself that is so disgusting. Its the the mixture of hair, soap, shampoo and conditioner. The combination makes it all slimy and gross. At least the hair doesn’t go down the drain and cause you to clean out the trap in the drain pipe. That happens in sinks. The kid can easily handle the shower. 

I think all sinks should have the same drain screen as the shower. Except for the one that holds the disposal. That would frankly be stupid. But every other drain could have them and the kid would be able to clean those as well. Sure, its possible that he could grow up bitter and hate you for the rest of your life but at least you’ve taught him a trade. That’s more than most kids leave with. Some kids don’t ever even leave. 

He’d be able to snag a high paying job right out of high school as a plumbers aid. His nickname would be “Harry”. He’d be set for life. Who needs college? He could retrofit every drain in a house and make a killing. Of course he would be ridiculed by white collar workers until they need his services and have to ‘pay through the nose’. (what the heck does that really mean?)

He’ll likely live alone because he’s been too grumpy for far too long unless he meets another person that learned the trade as a child too. Call me crazy but it just might work! Now, who should regularly clean the sticky stuff in the refrigerator? 

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