Please Watch Me!! Please!!

Hurricanes are what the Weather Channel folks live for! They were so excited but as the storm weakened they said, “Ok, but it is still very dangerous!” My interpretation? “Please keep watching! Don’t turn the channel!! No one watches us! Please!!”

I’m convinced that the Weather Channel staff were very concerned about the impact that Irma caused but they’re kind of like the ultimate storm chasers. It’s big news! People watch during disasters. With weather at our fingertips because of smartphones, smart TVs and the news, who would watch them during normal weather? I think you’d need to be pretty bored. 

I don’t even like it when the weatherman on the news goes through the entire forecast with cold fronts, high pressure and tells us when to cover our tomatoes, which is just a little too personal, I think. I also don’t need to be told to “Be sure to bundle up.” The only thing I bundle is with my television and wifi company. 

I open the door and see how cold or warm it is outside, then decide whether to wear short or long sleeves, pants or shorts or if I need to wear a jacket. No bundling and we always keep an umbrella in the car just in case. Just get to the daily forecast and be done with it already. 

Why am I this bitter about something so mundane as the weather forecast? I have no idea. I guess it’s the same reason I don’t watch golf on television. Just show the highlights and get to the 18th hole! And why do the announcers always whisper? I think it’s because they don’t want to wake you up. 

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2 thoughts on “Please Watch Me!! Please!!

  1. Thanks Jerry…a bag of full of chuckles…Cover up your tomatoes…durn right that’s personal!
    The UK’s BBC’s male weather reporters always seem to grin, whatever the weather, they grin, grin, grin. I suspect they are lobotomised when they sign their contracts.
    Their women colleagues smile when the weather has sunshine and adopt a tone of ‘make sure you wear a coat’ when announcing wet weather.

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