Walmart Hit Man????

I just watched a 20/20 episode where a couple hired a guy they thought was a hitman who always met them at a Walmart parking lot. If he had been legit, legally he would have to roll back his prices. 

The more I watch these shows the more stupid the people seem. Seriously? You take an ad out on Craig’s List and expect a real hitman to answer the ad? Or you just ask someone you don’t know but you think is sketchy enough to ask them to make the hit?

Obviously these people have never watched a real life crime show because if they had they would never make the attempt. One of the heartless dastardly duo even noticed a camera in the back of the SUV which was recording audio and video. He asked the “hitman” if it was a camera. The guy said “A camera? No it’s a device where the kids can plug in to play their video games.” The idiot bought the lie. 

After they were arrested, they tried to explain that they tried to call it off but the hitman said it was too late. Then the detectives played some of the video for them. Done. Cooked. Game, set and match. They both wisely took plea deals and off they went to serve their time while the intended victim went on with her life. 

I think that people who fall for “Undercover Boss” are kind of crazy too. Its the same thing without the jail time. Have they ever watched the show? Ever? Maybe they have and know that if they do their job well and have had some tough times, they’re going to get a lot of money, perhaps a car, house or their own franchise. 

They always make a call to a loved one to share their good news. Just once I would love to hear a call that went like this, “Hey baby. I milked that guy for everything I could get. As soon as I get my stuff let’s get out of town!” Unfortunately I never got the opportunity as a comedian. That would be freaky. 

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2 thoughts on “Walmart Hit Man????

  1. Great post Jerry, full of chuckles
    Some people should just not get involved in crime; like the guy who apparently tried to pull an armed hold-up in a Texas gun store while customers were there; the ending differs. One version has him begging the police to take him away, the other, the police were unable to ascertain who fired the fatal shot (that one might be urban legend, but who can say?)

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