I Killed A Hobo!!!

Last week I killed a hobo spider. Normally I’m not mean to the homeless but this dude had it coming. 

I don’t like spiders. Any of them. Although we haven’t seen many, we have whacked two black widows and the hobo spider. The hobo spider is part of the brown recluse spider. Their bite does some pretty bad damage to the unfortunate recipient. 

I would never hurt a real hobo or black widow. That would make me a monster, which I’m not. I may look like a monster, but I assure you I’m not. Dang! I’m not being politically correct. I would never hurt a dwelling challenged person or an African American woman with a deceased husband. I don’t want anyone accusing me of hate speech. 

I ended up bug bombing the garage and I’m going to do it again before cleaning it up. I think the problem is that these critters are so smart that as soon as I start the bomb, they hold their breath. I swear I saw one reading the label on the bomb.

Perhaps I should use an actual bomb. Nothing huge, mind you, just a small pipe bomb. Sure, part of the garage would be destroyed and we lease our home and we have a great landlord who is very understanding. I’m certain he’ll be fine with it. 

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2 thoughts on “I Killed A Hobo!!!

  1. I’d call that a ‘measured’ response. After all your landlord wouldn’t want you to sue him for allowing dangerous vermin on his property.
    We are lucky in the UK, we don’t have poisonous spiders, just very large ones that I see making their way across the carpets at night time- they keep the other bugs down.
    My wife doesn’t share my opinion.

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