Comic Relief!!!

I think everyone should read a funny blog, watch a funny movie or tv show daily and go to a comedy club at least once a month. There are far too many crazy and depressing things going on here and around the world. We need to take a break sometimes. Here’s a funny story…

In high school, three of my friends and I decided to take a long lunch in order to miss a test. We got there just as class ended, claiming we had a flat tire. Our teacher said, “Well that’s a shame. You missed a test.” She gave us each a blank piece of paper and had us split up far enough so we couldn’t see anyone’s paper. Then she said, “Write down which tire was flat.” Oops. 

One of the reasons I love being funny (well at least I think so) is it takes people out of the craziness that is our world if even for a short while. I know people who are quitting Facebook because they’re tired of all of the political junk that pops up in their news feed. I don’t blame them. 

I don’t know one person who has been persuaded by another because of political posts from either side and yet it seems to be a daily ritual. Both right and left feel the need to post things because its very important that people know the truth. I get that. The postings continue but I don’t think people are swayed. It just gets old to me. 

Everyone has the right to post most anything they want on their page. I don’t read them anymore. I check out the news when I want to so I’m not blindsided by someone’s opinion about issues. I’m ready for the information when I want to hear or see it. 

I’m praying for the people impacted by all of the fires, floods, hurricanes and now for the people of Mexico after the devastating earthquake. I also pray for our country and all of the leaders to end the craziness dividing our country. 

Two nuns walk into a bar…

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