This Job Is Crappy!!!

Being a sewage worker is a lot like working on Wall Street. Stock brokers are full of it too. 

Surely I jest. Nope. In fact the sewage worker is much more dependable and reliable than many stockbrokers. I don’t know much about the stock market which is why I don’t bother with it. Some folks get very rich while others lose everything and jump off buildings. 

Jumping off a building is a little extreme. I think if I was rich, which could only happen if I robbed Warren Buffet, and I lost everything, I would sell my mansion, move into government housing and get food stamps. That sounds much better than cowardly jumping from a rooftop. 

I’d get a job at a bank and begin to embezzle lots of money and invest in the market again. At least I wouldn’t be playing with my own money again. If I win big I would replace the money and fly to a country with no extradition treaty. I would still play the market, because I’m obviously addicted. 

If I lost again, I would get a job as a dishwasher in a local restaurant and work for enough money to fly to Seattle and rob Bill Gates and fly back to the other country. Let’s face it, I would never give up or know when to walk away like a sane person would. I don’t think gamblers ever retire. At least not willingly. Gates would probably send a guy to whack me. 

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